24 September 2012

Chalk Paint End Table

Really, a paint that will stick to any surface?  Does it really work?  You mean I don't have to strip paint or prime first?  What is this mystery paint?   Chalk paint.  I've read all about it in the "blogosphere".  I watched tons of Youtube videos.  Now it's time to try CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Paint.

I brushed on 2 coats (thick) and waited for it to dry.  It drys lighter than the finished product.

I painted the top CeCe Caldwell's Vermont Slate.  

I lightly sanded the table with a fine grit paper to expose the original finish in the areas where I wanted a worn appearance. Starting in sections, I brushed on the Clear Wax first before it could dry I brushed on the Aging Wax Dark.  After 15 min. or so I wiped it off with a lint free cloth. 

The next day I buffed the wax.  I used a scotch pad (scrubber thingy) and it really started to shine. Then I used a lint free cloth and finished buffing. 
I loved the base of the table but the top did not meet my expectations.  So after many days of thought..... I taped off the table and spray painted it a glossy black.   
Warning! BAD IDEA! Do not spray paint over chalk paint!

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