18 March 2013

How to Frame the Bathroom Mirror

It's been a full week since my last post.  I like to do at least two a week but it was spring break and I had a full house.  Now that Spring Break is over and things have settled down I want to share with you an easy DIY project that makes a big impact.

11 March 2013

Trash to Treasure

I found this headboard on the curb!  Can you believe someone was throwing it away!  On my drive home I thought only of all the colors I could paint it, so many possibilities.  I remembered that i had a sample of  Silverado by Olympic in the garage.  It's a beautiful greyed lavender.   I was so excited, that as soon as I got home, I tested the color.
full size headboard

08 March 2013

Vintage and Modern?

Our first dining table was perfect for our growing family.  For years it served as our multipurpose table and was covered in glue, glitter and paint.  Now that our family has grown we  purchased a larger table and our old friend was put in the garage to gather dust.  There she waited for the day she would be restored to her former beauty and sold to a new family.  Click here for pricing information. Today is her day! I was inspired by this beautiful grain sack farmhouse table design by Aimee at The Vintage Estate.  My table is modern in style but I think the grain sack design would work for this table too.  Can furniture be both Vintage and Modern?  Sure, why not? (I just answered a question with a question).

06 March 2013

Bathroom Art

My latest decorating project is the kids bathroom.  So far I have painted the walls and built floating shelves.   The full reveal is coming soon.  Now it is time for the finishing touches. Once again I wanted to decorate with out spending a lot of money.  (That seems to be a theme around here.)  I recycled our old 10"x10" canvas art to create new art (reminders) for the kids bathroom.  I already had everything for this project in my craft supplies.

DIY, Bathroom Art , Mod Podge,Vinyl Cricut Letters, purple paint, floss, brush, wash,flush

01 March 2013

Chalk Paint End Table (update)

Really, a paint that will stick to any surface?  Does it really work?  You mean I don't have to strip paint or prime first?  What is this mystery paint?   Chalk paint.  I've read all about it in the "blogosphere".  I watched tons of Youtube videos.  Now it's time to try CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Paint.

country, oak end table

3 Chocolate Desserts in 1 Recipe

chocolate cookies no egg

I've never posted about food before but there is always a first.  I was so excited I had to share this recipe.  Cooking is one of my many crafts and as a wife and mother of 4 I am always cooking.  I frequently have to make something out of nothing for dinner and often our best ideas come out of necessity.