26 December 2012

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17 December 2012

Planning my Living Room

Living Room To Do:

Paint Walls
Beadboard Wallpaper
Stencil Walls
Reupholster Chairs
Build Keyboard Stand
Paint and Recover Bench

The Living Room is on the front of the house and has large arched openings and a large window.  It is open to the foyer and the family room so I really want the 3 rooms to coordinate.  I painted the walls the same color as the kitchen and family room to give it a cohesive look. (Montpelier Ashlar Grey by Valspar) To give it a fresh look I put up white bead board wall paper under the chair rail. View post here.

To finish off the walls I want to stencil the top in grey and white.  While searching Google for stencils I found Cutting Edge Stencils.  There are so many great stencils to choose from, but I've managed to narrow it down to two of my favorites.  The pictures below came from their gallery.

Harlequin Trellis

Do you remember these great yard sale finds?  Click here to view post. They will find a home in this room once they are reupholstered. 

Here are the fabrics that I'm considering.  They are from Premier Fabrics.
The final selection will be dependent on which stencil I choose.  I think the trellis stencil will go best with the striped fabric and I could make coordinating pillows with the media fabric.  On the otherhand, the hourglass stencil will go best with the Kimono fabric and I could make coordinating pillows with the Dottie fabric. 

Premier Prints:  Accord black/white - Media black/white

Premier Prints:  Kimono black/white - Dottie black/white

I will use the coordinating fabric on this storage bench.

This room has a window 8 feet tall and 12 foot ceilings.  
Here is an idea of what I want for the window.  I want the curtains in the Living Room to coordinate with the accent wall in the Family Room.

I love to do things myself and I try to do things for low or no cost.  I especially love free software like this room planner on Ashley Furniture's website.  It is great because you can adjust the size of the room and all the furniture.  I used it to create the plans below.
Option #1
Option # 2

I can't decide and I would like your opinion.  Which would you choose?  Leave a comment telling me your favorite stencil, fabric and room design.

Beadboard Wallpaper in Living Room

This is a paintable textured wallpaper I bought at Lowes.  This was my first time hanging wall paper.  I followed the instructions on the packaging and it was easy.  Just make sure to use the recommended tools on the packaging.  Also, make sure your Exacto knife is sharp. 
Here are a few pictures I took during the process.
bead board wallpaperbead board wallpaper

This is my temporary set up until I upholster my yard sale chairs.

This is the listing picture.  I am really bad at taking before pictures. 

15 December 2012

Holiday Home Tour

Christmas Lights

 I used hot glue to stick the bulbs to the brick around the windows.   Don't worry it comes off completely.
I love seeing the Christmas tree through the front window.

The wreath for the front door was made with cuttings from our Christmas Tree.

christmas mantle decorations10 foot Christmas tree

I wrapped empty boxes for the mantle decorations and added a lighted garland.

When we bought our house this summer I knew exactly where I wanted to put the Christmas tree.

christmas table center piecerolled paper wreath christmas

For this arrangement I used trimmings from our Christmas tree.   I also changed the paper in the vase see the tutorial here.  See my post about the wreath here.

Fox Hollow Cottage

14 December 2012

Lemonade For Sale!

Let me start this blog by saying how grateful I am that my kids have thoughtful grandparents that really know and understand them.   Yesterday was my oldest child's 9th birthday.  She loves to draw and paint and catch bugs and dig in the dirt for worms.  She also loves to make and sell jewelry.  One of her favorite things to do is sell lemonade in the driveway and have yard sales.  She is really a young entrepreneur.  Our gift to her for her birthday was a drafting table with an easel top and drawers.  One set of grandparents gave her an art set in a case with water colors, pastels, oil and acrylic paint.

  Just when she thought her birthday couldn't get any better.  
My parents show up with this CUSTOM LEMONADE STAND!  They have been secretly planning, building and painting for the past few weeks.  The front has a chalkboard where she can list what she's selling.  The poles can be used to hang towels.

lemonade stand

   That's not all look at this!  They even gave her a coordinating serving tray, cash box and vendor apron.

girls apron, lemonade stand

  The lemonade stand also has storage for all her supplies, and the best thing is that it's light weight and all collapses and stores away without taking up too much space.

lemonade stand

 My daughter found another use as well.   This is too funny!

charlie brown, lucy, the doctor is in

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05 December 2012

"Who, Who" is Ready for Christmas?

Easy pine cone owl craft to do with the kids.

I used my Cricut to cut white circles and black circles for the eyes.  I used the old fashion way to cut the beak and the felt wings (scissors).  I let the kids glue them on the pine cone.  We made 3 Pine cone Owls and they all have their own personalities.
pine cone craft owl
Pine cone craft

HO, HO, HO, Yummy Christmas!

(I would like to thank my cousins family and my mother for sharing this idea with me.)

Ice Cream Cone Ornaments 

Items Needed: 
Ice Cream Cones
Great Stuff Expanding Foam
Mod Podge
Large Ornament Hooks

Joy Ice Cream Cups, Great Stuff, Mod Podge, 12 pack glitter
Joy Ice Cream Cups - Great Stuff Expanding Foam - Mod Podge - Glitter

Spray the foam into the cone.  Keep in mind, IT WILL EXPAND! While wet insert an ornament hook.  Let sit 12hrs.  Use a paint brush to apply Mod Podge. Then sprinkle with glitter.

A Gift From My Mother

rolled paper wreath

My mom made this beautiful rolled paper wreath!  Alone, it looks great as modern art.  Together, with some Christmas magic I transformed it for the season.  

rolled paper Christmas wreath

rolled paper Christmas wreath

Each roll is a sheet of music from an old old song book.  My mom rolled and stapled them to foam board.  I cut a small circle of cardboard and secured it with a push pin.  Then I hot glued the ornaments and bow onto that.  The Christmas decorations are completely removable.

Thank you, Mom.  Your the best!

25 November 2012

A Master Flood!

Three weeks ago we came home to a flooded bathroom and bedroom.  Our toilet overflowed!  Luckily It was clean water.  The toilet kept running, I should of jiggled the handle. 
 I have the best neighbors!  They dropped everything to come help us vacuum toilet water.  We used two shop vacs and a carpet cleaner.  It took a couple of hours to get all the furniture moved and most the water up.  It was too late for the carpet,  It was completely saturated.  We tore out the carpet.  My neighbors even helped carry it to the street! 

Master Bedroom Flood

Master Bedroom No Carpet
Before the flood I was trying to decide a paint color.  Notice the one blue wall.  I didn't like it!  I couldn't find a color that I did like.  So, I eventually chose White.  How can you go wrong with White?  Well you can,  It took two tries to get the right shade.  

I now have the perfect white.  Whispering Wind by Olympic.  
I'm waiting on my curtains, also White.

Do you like the new carpet?
I found it at Lowe's,  It's a frieze called BreathTaking. It's Taupe and White.  I love it! 
I still have to accessorize but I'm getting there

Whispering Wind Olympic Paint
Sleeping Baby -------------------------------------------------------------------------->

16 November 2012

Yard Sale - UpCycle

I'll Call Her Vanity.

This vanity chair was begging me to save her at the yard sale.  (look at what else I found) I saw her and knew that she had so much potential.  I told her that if the price was right, I would fix her and find her a new home. 

New Fabric
I chose an upholstery fabric I already had.  I feel it will fit nicely with many different decors. I purchased it at a FlexSteel outlet store.  It is durable and stain resistant.  It has a protective backing too.

New Paint
Deciding the paint color was the most work.  Did I want Glossy White or Oil Rubbed Bronze.  My husband said go lighter and keep it more feminine.  I went to the store with thinking I wanted an Antique White.  Then I saw this.  Isn't it beautiful!  I knew it was the perfect choice.

Krylon - Caramel Latte 

Here she is all dressed up and ready to go.   She looks Perfect!  Better than I imagined!
Now, she needs a new home.
Vanity Chair

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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Look what I found!

I dropped the kids off for school and on my way home a bright pink yard sale sign spoke to me.  It said go ahead take a look, you don't have the kids with you, and you have a little cash in your purse.

I made an offer and scored this chair and this bench for $5.

Then, I saw these chairs.  I loved the shape but not the fabric.  I decided to ask, how much?  He told me that a lady offered $25 for one, but she left and was going to return with cash.  Well, I had money at home.  I drove home as quickly as I could, obeying all posted speed limit signs.  I quickly informed my husband of my plan.  He handed over $ from his wallet.  I returned and offered $40 for both, accepted. 

I have been looking at getting two chairs for our living room/study.  All the chairs I like were 400.00 each.  I plan on recovering them.  After fabric they will still cost less than new chairs.

27 October 2012

Costumes from the Past

I love designing and sewing costumes! 
I love choosing the colors and fabrics.  I love mixing and matching patterns.   
I even love sewing without a pattern.

Halloween 2011
Pirate Costumes Adult
Halloween 2006
Pirate Costume Adult
Halloween 2006