27 October 2012

Costumes from the Past

I love designing and sewing costumes! 
I love choosing the colors and fabrics.  I love mixing and matching patterns.   
I even love sewing without a pattern.

Halloween 2011
Pirate Costumes Adult
Halloween 2006
Pirate Costume Adult
Halloween 2006

26 October 2012

Halloween Costumes for my Girls

I wanted to share with you what I've been working on even if it's not finished.  It still lacks a closure on the back and the petticoat is needs more tulle.  (I already used 5yds.)  I had the hardest time finding wide ribbon without wire.  I bought the wired ribbon and pulled out the wire. (who knew)

Pink Princess for my sweet 3 year old.

Pink Princess Dress Costume with Petticoat

pink princess costume
bow on back

Dancing Gypsy for my 8 year old.

24 October 2012

The Not So Wicked Witch Pumpkin

My daughter entered a pumpkin decorating contest at school.  We decided to use our magic to turn a pumpkin into a Witch.  This was so much fun. We had so many ideas that we had a hard time choosing our favorite. Next, time I want to try the black widow spider.

Items Needed:

Small Gourd
White Spray Paint
2 Green, 1 White, 1 Black Acrylic Paint
Red Puff Paint
Paint Brushes
Wooded Skewer
Straight Pins
Witches Hat

Before the pumpkin could be painted it needed a bath.  My daughter was more than excited to do that.  Into the tub it goes.  Just look at the shine on that pumpkin.

Next, I helped her spray paint the pumpkin and the gord white.  (2 Coats) We waited and waited and waited for the paint to dry.  Well, it was getting dark and she had to take it to school the next morning.  We carefully took it inside and put it under the fan. We couldn't wait any longer and she started to paint the pumpkin green.

We allowed the first coat of paint to dry.  Then she painted a 2nd and 3rd.  It started to crackle! So, I painted a 4th.  It still crackled!  We had no choice but to roll with it.  

We used the skewer and a straight pin to attach the gourd for a nose.  The gourd had perfect bumps to paint as moles.  I helped her paint the eyes and mouth.  We used straight pins to pin on the hat.  

Ok, all together now.  Bip-ity, Bop-ity, Boo!

Good Luck!

13 October 2012

Glitter Pumpkins

This started out as a fun decorating craft for myself.  Then the kids came home from school and wanted to glitter a pumpkin too.  Their choice of colors and patterns makes me happy they did.

I used a paint brush to apply the Mod Podge to the areas I want colored #1.  Then I sprinkled the glitter on that area.  For best results let glue dry between colors.  For those of you that are like me, Immediately apply glue to the area you want colored #2 and sprinkle glitter.    

Tips:  Sprinkle glitter over a piece of paper so you can reuse the glitter that doesn't stick.  School glue works just as well as Mod Podge.  

glitter pumpkins, elmers glue, mod podge

12 October 2012

Knock Knock. Who's There?

Black and White Rag Wreath.

For this wreath you'll need 1 1/2 yds. of fabric, a foam wreath, ribbon, and decor.
foam wreath

Start by tearing the fabric into 2" strips,Yes I said tear.  Make a starting cut and then rip the whole width of the fabric.  Then cut evenly into 3 strips.  The fabric I chose was 54" width, so, my strips were about 18" long.

rag wreath

Next, I tied the strips in a double knot around the wreath.

Then, add the decorations and you're done.

This is a project you can take with you.
I worked on this wreath in the car while waiting to pick up my kids at school and finished it outside while my kids played in the yard.

10 October 2012

Fall has finally arrived at my house.

 Ok, so it is fall.  Lets do this!

Creating a Fall Centerpiece

Luckily, I had almost everything i needed for this craft already,
floral foam, scrapbooking paper, ribbon and glass vase.
I purchased a silk floral spray for five dollars and used some grass and other fillers I already had.

Creating a fall centerfiece in just three steps, almost.

1.  Place the floral foam in the vase and arrange flowers.
2.  Cut fall themed 12x12 scrapbook paper to fit and roll it up.
(I used two pieces because my vase is wide.)
3.  Add ribbon and place floral arrangement into vase.
 Yes, it really is that easy.
Floral spray in foam

Fall Vase

For that added fall color I replaced my white candles with Pumpkin Spice candles.

Fall Themed Floral Centerpiece
Hummm.........Now all I need is a table runner............I foresee a post about that.........Hummm....

08 October 2012

Updated Blog

I've been working hard sewing and painting.  I completed a valance for the window in my Eat in Kitchen.  I painted my old kitchen chair.  Visit the links below to see what I've been up to.

Updated  Hometour to include the Eat in Kitchen.

Updated post Please wait to be seated.

Updated Before and After.

03 October 2012

Please wait to be seated.

ugly chair
Chair: before
Step1:  Remove the upholstered seat from the chair.

Step 2:  Clean the chair.

Step 3:  Lay down drop cloth, paper or plastic.

Step 4:  PRIME!  I was too anxious to prime and didn't get good coverage in one coat.
 I had to buy another can of paint and do 4 coats. 

I primed the lavender chair. I only used 1 can and applied 2 coats.
Don't skip this step!

how to spray paint a chair
painting process

 Step 5:  Paint at least two coats. Let dry between each coat.

Step 6: Seal

These are the products I used. 

While the paint is drying reupholster the seat.

Step 1:  Remove the seat from the chair.  

Step 2:  Take out staples to remove fabric. Use the old fabric as a pattern.

Step 3:  Trace and cut out new fabric.
how to upholster a chair cushion
Step 4: Staple fabric to seat cushion.
how to upholster a chair cushion
Step 5:  Secure seat cushion to chair.

My daughters are so excited to have these chairs in their room.

pink painted chair lavender painted chair

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02 October 2012

Chalkboard Painted on Doors

Today, I painted two doors with chalkboard paint.  
My daughter's room and in the pantry.  
My daughter wants to use it for her daily schedule.  
I will use the one in the pantry for the daily menu or shopping list.  
I have used this paint before on the doors of a play castle, 4 years ago.  
I used the same can and it was still good.  

Valspar Chalkboard Paint

tools needed

Stir the paint well.  Do not shake the can!  Shaking will cause bubbles.
To get a clean line taping is a must!  Tip:  Remove tape while paint is tacky.
It took 4 coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted.  Tip: Let paint dry before new coat is applied.

Pantry   :    Bedroom

 I told the kids that we could PUT anything on the list.  
Not to be confused with BUY everything on the list.
Shopping: juice, pink raman, gummies, cupcakes, robot!