25 November 2012

A Master Flood!

Three weeks ago we came home to a flooded bathroom and bedroom.  Our toilet overflowed!  Luckily It was clean water.  The toilet kept running, I should of jiggled the handle. 
 I have the best neighbors!  They dropped everything to come help us vacuum toilet water.  We used two shop vacs and a carpet cleaner.  It took a couple of hours to get all the furniture moved and most the water up.  It was too late for the carpet,  It was completely saturated.  We tore out the carpet.  My neighbors even helped carry it to the street! 

Master Bedroom Flood

Master Bedroom No Carpet
Before the flood I was trying to decide a paint color.  Notice the one blue wall.  I didn't like it!  I couldn't find a color that I did like.  So, I eventually chose White.  How can you go wrong with White?  Well you can,  It took two tries to get the right shade.  

I now have the perfect white.  Whispering Wind by Olympic.  
I'm waiting on my curtains, also White.

Do you like the new carpet?
I found it at Lowe's,  It's a frieze called BreathTaking. It's Taupe and White.  I love it! 
I still have to accessorize but I'm getting there

Whispering Wind Olympic Paint
Sleeping Baby -------------------------------------------------------------------------->

16 November 2012

Yard Sale - UpCycle

I'll Call Her Vanity.

This vanity chair was begging me to save her at the yard sale.  (look at what else I found) I saw her and knew that she had so much potential.  I told her that if the price was right, I would fix her and find her a new home. 

New Fabric
I chose an upholstery fabric I already had.  I feel it will fit nicely with many different decors. I purchased it at a FlexSteel outlet store.  It is durable and stain resistant.  It has a protective backing too.

New Paint
Deciding the paint color was the most work.  Did I want Glossy White or Oil Rubbed Bronze.  My husband said go lighter and keep it more feminine.  I went to the store with thinking I wanted an Antique White.  Then I saw this.  Isn't it beautiful!  I knew it was the perfect choice.

Krylon - Caramel Latte 

Here she is all dressed up and ready to go.   She looks Perfect!  Better than I imagined!
Now, she needs a new home.
Vanity Chair

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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Look what I found!

I dropped the kids off for school and on my way home a bright pink yard sale sign spoke to me.  It said go ahead take a look, you don't have the kids with you, and you have a little cash in your purse.

I made an offer and scored this chair and this bench for $5.

Then, I saw these chairs.  I loved the shape but not the fabric.  I decided to ask, how much?  He told me that a lady offered $25 for one, but she left and was going to return with cash.  Well, I had money at home.  I drove home as quickly as I could, obeying all posted speed limit signs.  I quickly informed my husband of my plan.  He handed over $ from his wallet.  I returned and offered $40 for both, accepted. 

I have been looking at getting two chairs for our living room/study.  All the chairs I like were 400.00 each.  I plan on recovering them.  After fabric they will still cost less than new chairs.