30 April 2013

Guest Blogger! Camila from TitiCrafty

Camila from TitiCrafty is visiting today and has a super creative craft to share with you.  She is a talented crafter and a new bloggy friend of mine.  I hope you enjoy her craft!  I'm so excited to do this one with the kids I even pinned this to my "Summer Crafting with the Kids Board."  Be sure to visit her blog for more crafty inspiration.

Móvil de bolas de lana. Un toque especial para mi estación de trabajo!

Sometimes we feel like there is something missing, monotony often makes us need change. That was happening to me, my workstation needed some life and love because I don't have much decoration in it.

A veces uno siente que en su entorno falta algo, la monotonía a veces hace que queramos cambios. Eso me pasaba a mi, me hacía falta algún toque a mi estación de trabajo, pues no tengo mayor decoración en ella y ya me esta haciendo falta. 

In many blogs (I couldn't say anymore which ones) I saw beautiful decorations of balls made with wool. It looked so NICE! But by that time I didn't thought about making them so I didn't bookmarked or anything. Then looking for ideas to decorate my workstation, I remembered those wool balls.

En varios blogs, ya no sabría decir en donde pues ha pasado tiempo, vi decoraciones hermosas con bolas hechas con lana. Me parecieron SÚPER! Pero en el momento no les di importancia más allá de lo original que era. Luego buscando una idea para decorar mi estación de trabajo, me acordé de esas bolas de lana.

This is my version of the wool balls mobile =D:

Esta es mi versión del móvil de bolas de lana =D:

28 April 2013

Bewitch Me & Titi Link Party #2 Co-Hosting

I'm excited to be co-hosting this party with my new bloggy friend Camila from Titi Crafty.  She has an amazingly cute blog with tons of great projects.  Make sure to pay her a visit she has so many great ideas.

25 April 2013

Easy Grapevine Ball Topiary

Topiary with pink daisies and butterflies

I know you can't wait to see the reveal for my daughter's room.  I have 4 more projects before her room is complete.  This craft is quick and easy to do.  What to see how I did it? Keep reading to see the tutorial.

23 April 2013

Guest Blogger! Megin of VMG206

I want to introduce my friend Megin of VMG206.  She is guest blogging today and sharing her creative idea for a Mother's Day gift, with printables!  I love her blog and I know you will too. 

Megin of VMG206

"I love (dark) coffee, (dark) chocolate and neutral colors.  I’m a very visual person and I love layers and texture.  I so enjoy all things crafty; but I don’t consider myself all that crafty."
 ~ Megin of VMG206

22 April 2013

No more holy pants!

jeans with holes cut to make shorts
My daughter has worn out her jeans.  The holes in one pair are so large she can put her legs through them!   The weather will soon be warm and she will be trading her jeans for shorts.  So now do I have to buy new shorts?  I don't think so.  I have a great idea to transform her jeans.  It wouldn't be fair to keep all my great ideas for myself!   Keep reading and I'll show you how I gave these jeans a new life.

16 April 2013

Birdcage Floral Arrangements

So far, I've painted my daughter's walls, painted a chalkboard on her door, made over her chair, built a crown moulding shelf, a hanging butterfly ball, painted a chalkboard on her door and recovered her chair.  Now, I have decorated a few birdhouses for her plant ledge and I'm not done yet.  Be sure to follow Callie's Crafts so you don't miss the reveal.

15 April 2013

Co-Hosting @ Plucky's Second Thought

I'm excited for the opportunity to co-host this blog hop with Jess.  I can't wait to visit all your blogs and make some new blogging friends.

The Blog Hop is back! :)

I really hope everyone will participate and help spread the word!  :)

Guess what! We have a co-host this week! :)  (That's Me!)
Callie's Crafts
Callie plays many rolls in life as wife of 10 years, mother of four under age 9, a sister and a daughter for almost 30 years. She enjoys her most recent roll as a blogger. She loves to decorate, design, sew, craft and DIY. She started her blog as a portfolio for her work 2 years ago and in September of 2012 Callie’s Crafts got a makeover and a new purpose. She loves sharing her ideas and creations.
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Please pay Callie a warm welcome! Thanks again Callie!! :)

If you are at all interested in co-hosting upcoming Blog Hops/Link Ups, please contact me!

Now lets get to the party!!

10 April 2013

My favorite thing about summer!

 Strawberries are my favorite thing about summer!  My second favorite thing is strawberry pizza!  This is a super easy 5 ingredient recipe.  Perfect for sharing or not. :)

08 April 2013

Hanging Butterfly Ball

I am re-decorating my daughter's room.  So far I have painted her walls lavender and built a crown moulding shelf.   The next idea I want to share is the butterfly ball I made to hang from her vaulted ceiling.  It is the perfect spring craft.  You could also use this technique to make a topiary or a wreath. 

03 April 2013

DIY Crown Moulding Shelf

For the 8 months we have lived in this house I have been at a loss at what to do with my daughter's room.  She is the oldest and has her own space, for now.  Her room has high vaulted ceilings, a plant ledge, and a large window.  Although these features are beautiful, I have to admit, they are intimidating.  What her room is lacking is functionality.  She needs more floor space, more shelf space and some pretty things to look at.  I finally have a plan for my daughter's room.  The first step is adding decorative storage with a wall length crown moulding ledge shelf.  I was able to build this 11' shelf for about $20.00!

DIY Crown Moulding Shelf,  bead board wall paper