10 January 2013

Rosette Head Band Tutorial

I made my girls coordinating headbands to match their dresses. 
The headbands are all unique, just like my girls.  

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To make the Rosette head band you will need the following items:

wired ribbon (you could sew a gathering stitch to regular ribbon)
hot glue and glue gun 
head band

sheer spiral ribbon

The amount of ribbon needed varies depending on the size of flower you want.  For this flower I used about 20 inches. 

Pull the wire on one side of the ribbon to make a gather.  The ribbon naturally begins to curl.   

how to make a rosette

Next, use a small dot of glue to secure the ribbon in place.  

how to make a rosette, button

Glue the button to the front of the flower and then glue the flower to headband.

rosette headband, how to make a rosette headband, button

It really is that easy!  Now go have fun crafting!

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