18 March 2013

How to Frame the Bathroom Mirror

It's been a full week since my last post.  I like to do at least two a week but it was spring break and I had a full house.  Now that Spring Break is over and things have settled down I want to share with you an easy DIY project that makes a big impact.

It seems like I often forget to take a picture before I get started on a project.  So here is the listing picture from when we bought our house.

Picking out the right trim isn't as easy as it should be.  I knew exactly what I wanted until I got to the store.  There were so many choices.  First, I was faced with all the different types of trim to choose from.  Second, I had to choose a width!  Third, I needed to decide what price range (of course I wanted the best deal).  Finally, I decided on a 2 1/2" chair rail.  I bought 2 8' pieces of trim and a tube of  Leech f46 adhesive and spent $18.00.  Not too bad to frame a bathroom mirror.

Items needed:

Miter Saw or Miter Box and Handsaw
Painters Tape
Leach f26 and Caulking Gun
Caulk or wood putty
Tip:  Use a empty toilet paper roll to keep the glue from oozing onto the counter.
Cut the trim, use a 45 deg. miter, to fit the mirror.  Dry fit the pieces and use painters tape to secure it.

Pull back the tape on one side and apply glue to the trim.  For better adhesion press the trim against the mirror and then pull it off.  Then press the trim back on and secure with tape.  Do this again with all sides.

Check to make sure your corners line up.  If you need to move the trim do it now before it dries, f26 will hold forever.  For a seamless finish, caulk or putty the mitered corners.

The next step is to paint the frame but I haven't painted mine yet.  The truth is that I'm having a hard time deciding what color to paint the frame.  I want to paint the cabinets black.  So, maybe, I should paint the frame black.  All the shelves and trim are white. So, maybe, I should paint the frame white.  The shower curtain has lots of colors.  Maybe, I should paint it a bright color?

I need your help! What color do you think I should paint it?


  1. I think you should leave the frame white. Looks clean and fresh and brightens up the room.

  2. I like it white also....good job

  3. I think white will look good in my bathroom too(hint, hint).

  4. We have done this project and it turned out great. I love how yours turned out, makes such a difference doesn't it?!

  5. Neat idea. I love it. We have a small bathroom too and I will show this to my husband. Do you have a cost estimate for the project?

    1. I bought 2 chair rails and 1 tube of glue and it cost less than $20.00. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I like the white, but I think using the teal in the shower curtain could really make a statement as well!

    1. Thanks, I think I've decided to keep it white. There is already a lot of color in there.