05 December 2012

A Gift From My Mother

rolled paper wreath

My mom made this beautiful rolled paper wreath!  Alone, it looks great as modern art.  Together, with some Christmas magic I transformed it for the season.  

rolled paper Christmas wreath

rolled paper Christmas wreath

Each roll is a sheet of music from an old old song book.  My mom rolled and stapled them to foam board.  I cut a small circle of cardboard and secured it with a push pin.  Then I hot glued the ornaments and bow onto that.  The Christmas decorations are completely removable.

Thank you, Mom.  Your the best!


  1. This is stunning!! Such a beauty. I'm happy to be able to feature it :) Thanks so much for joining the pinning party.


    1. Thank you so much for the feature. I already have so many new visitors to the blog!