25 November 2012

A Master Flood!

Three weeks ago we came home to a flooded bathroom and bedroom.  Our toilet overflowed!  Luckily It was clean water.  The toilet kept running, I should of jiggled the handle. 
 I have the best neighbors!  They dropped everything to come help us vacuum toilet water.  We used two shop vacs and a carpet cleaner.  It took a couple of hours to get all the furniture moved and most the water up.  It was too late for the carpet,  It was completely saturated.  We tore out the carpet.  My neighbors even helped carry it to the street! 

Master Bedroom Flood

Master Bedroom No Carpet
Before the flood I was trying to decide a paint color.  Notice the one blue wall.  I didn't like it!  I couldn't find a color that I did like.  So, I eventually chose White.  How can you go wrong with White?  Well you can,  It took two tries to get the right shade.  

I now have the perfect white.  Whispering Wind by Olympic.  
I'm waiting on my curtains, also White.

Do you like the new carpet?
I found it at Lowe's,  It's a frieze called BreathTaking. It's Taupe and White.  I love it! 
I still have to accessorize but I'm getting there

Whispering Wind Olympic Paint
Sleeping Baby -------------------------------------------------------------------------->

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