16 November 2012

Look what I found!

I dropped the kids off for school and on my way home a bright pink yard sale sign spoke to me.  It said go ahead take a look, you don't have the kids with you, and you have a little cash in your purse.

I made an offer and scored this chair and this bench for $5.

Then, I saw these chairs.  I loved the shape but not the fabric.  I decided to ask, how much?  He told me that a lady offered $25 for one, but she left and was going to return with cash.  Well, I had money at home.  I drove home as quickly as I could, obeying all posted speed limit signs.  I quickly informed my husband of my plan.  He handed over $ from his wallet.  I returned and offered $40 for both, accepted. 

I have been looking at getting two chairs for our living room/study.  All the chairs I like were 400.00 each.  I plan on recovering them.  After fabric they will still cost less than new chairs.