10 October 2012

Fall has finally arrived at my house.

 Ok, so it is fall.  Lets do this!

Creating a Fall Centerpiece

Luckily, I had almost everything i needed for this craft already,
floral foam, scrapbooking paper, ribbon and glass vase.
I purchased a silk floral spray for five dollars and used some grass and other fillers I already had.

Creating a fall centerfiece in just three steps, almost.

1.  Place the floral foam in the vase and arrange flowers.
2.  Cut fall themed 12x12 scrapbook paper to fit and roll it up.
(I used two pieces because my vase is wide.)
3.  Add ribbon and place floral arrangement into vase.
 Yes, it really is that easy.
Floral spray in foam

Fall Vase

For that added fall color I replaced my white candles with Pumpkin Spice candles.

Fall Themed Floral Centerpiece
Hummm.........Now all I need is a table runner............I foresee a post about that.........Hummm....

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