24 October 2012

The Not So Wicked Witch Pumpkin

My daughter entered a pumpkin decorating contest at school.  We decided to use our magic to turn a pumpkin into a Witch.  This was so much fun. We had so many ideas that we had a hard time choosing our favorite. Next, time I want to try the black widow spider.

Items Needed:

Small Gourd
White Spray Paint
2 Green, 1 White, 1 Black Acrylic Paint
Red Puff Paint
Paint Brushes
Wooded Skewer
Straight Pins
Witches Hat

Before the pumpkin could be painted it needed a bath.  My daughter was more than excited to do that.  Into the tub it goes.  Just look at the shine on that pumpkin.

Next, I helped her spray paint the pumpkin and the gord white.  (2 Coats) We waited and waited and waited for the paint to dry.  Well, it was getting dark and she had to take it to school the next morning.  We carefully took it inside and put it under the fan. We couldn't wait any longer and she started to paint the pumpkin green.

We allowed the first coat of paint to dry.  Then she painted a 2nd and 3rd.  It started to crackle! So, I painted a 4th.  It still crackled!  We had no choice but to roll with it.  

We used the skewer and a straight pin to attach the gourd for a nose.  The gourd had perfect bumps to paint as moles.  I helped her paint the eyes and mouth.  We used straight pins to pin on the hat.  

Ok, all together now.  Bip-ity, Bop-ity, Boo!

Good Luck!

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