02 October 2012

Chalkboard Painted on Doors

Today, I painted two doors with chalkboard paint.  
My daughter's room and in the pantry.  
My daughter wants to use it for her daily schedule.  
I will use the one in the pantry for the daily menu or shopping list.  
I have used this paint before on the doors of a play castle, 4 years ago.  
I used the same can and it was still good.  

Valspar Chalkboard Paint

tools needed

Stir the paint well.  Do not shake the can!  Shaking will cause bubbles.
To get a clean line taping is a must!  Tip:  Remove tape while paint is tacky.
It took 4 coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted.  Tip: Let paint dry before new coat is applied.

Pantry   :    Bedroom

 I told the kids that we could PUT anything on the list.  
Not to be confused with BUY everything on the list.
Shopping: juice, pink raman, gummies, cupcakes, robot!

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