03 October 2012

Please wait to be seated.

ugly chair
Chair: before
Step1:  Remove the upholstered seat from the chair.

Step 2:  Clean the chair.

Step 3:  Lay down drop cloth, paper or plastic.

Step 4:  PRIME!  I was too anxious to prime and didn't get good coverage in one coat.
 I had to buy another can of paint and do 4 coats. 

I primed the lavender chair. I only used 1 can and applied 2 coats.
Don't skip this step!

how to spray paint a chair
painting process

 Step 5:  Paint at least two coats. Let dry between each coat.

Step 6: Seal

These are the products I used. 

While the paint is drying reupholster the seat.

Step 1:  Remove the seat from the chair.  

Step 2:  Take out staples to remove fabric. Use the old fabric as a pattern.

Step 3:  Trace and cut out new fabric.
how to upholster a chair cushion
Step 4: Staple fabric to seat cushion.
how to upholster a chair cushion
Step 5:  Secure seat cushion to chair.

My daughters are so excited to have these chairs in their room.

pink painted chair lavender painted chair

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