12 October 2012

Knock Knock. Who's There?

Black and White Rag Wreath.

For this wreath you'll need 1 1/2 yds. of fabric, a foam wreath, ribbon, and decor.
foam wreath

Start by tearing the fabric into 2" strips,Yes I said tear.  Make a starting cut and then rip the whole width of the fabric.  Then cut evenly into 3 strips.  The fabric I chose was 54" width, so, my strips were about 18" long.

rag wreath

Next, I tied the strips in a double knot around the wreath.

Then, add the decorations and you're done.

This is a project you can take with you.
I worked on this wreath in the car while waiting to pick up my kids at school and finished it outside while my kids played in the yard.

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